NCCC Uphill TT Challenge

The NCCC are running a virtual uphill time trial challenge on STRAVA for club members to take part in and CTP are proud to be the prize sponsors of the £50 team prize

To get further information along with club memberships please check the club out on the British Cycling website. 


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We offer a free session to get you started with TrainingPeaks, and to answer all your questions because we want you to get faster and achieve your goals.

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Purchasing the fully structured coaching package will allow us to talk more about your goals, your strengths and weaknesses and other helpful topics

Goals - This is where it all starts

With a clearly defined goal, you're already way ahead of the rest and this will allow us to create a path of development to achieve that goal.

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World famous training software at our fingertips, we sign you up for a premium account and talk you through how it can help us work more effectively for better results


With a clearly defined goal we then carry out testing and analysis, knowing the demands of our event will help us discover areas to target for the best results

Actionable insights

This testing allows us to put into practice an effective training plan with custom workouts based around you and your goals whilst taking into account your daily life and other commitments.

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Nothing worth doing is ever easy, and that is exactly why I am on hand to help and support you throughout the training process


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Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a novice beginner, bringing you out to play with the big boys and girls is our mission. Whether you're training with a power meter 16 hours a week or just taking up cycling with no analytical data, let us get you further up the road, faster.


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Personal Training Partner Sessions

Contact CTP Performance Coaching

Emailing your questions over to me is a great way to gain insight into the coaching process. Or why not try our complementary workout offer for an even better first hand experience


Personal Training Partner Sessions

Personal Training Partner Sessions

Personal Training Partner Sessions

Personal Training Sessions are a great chance to learn new bike riding skills that will transform your riding. Through a mix of practical sessions, you can become a more confident rider or if you simply want to explore some hills in a fun, positive environment, Personal Training Sessions are for you


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